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Thread: Snow White and the Huntsman Attraction

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    Quote Originally Posted by BriMan View Post
    If anything, maybe a reference in Horror Make-up.
    I see this as the most logical tie-in park wise. Plus, Horror Makeup needs new feature film to showcase, it's good to have a switch every three years or so.

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    Browsing older treads I stumbled on this one and although the movie sucked, the notion of taking the Grimm fairytales, remove the Disney sugar-coating and dedicate an island to them (maybe replacing the newspaper cartoon island) would be a novel idea. The IP's are in the public domain.
    What if Universal took a new spin on Snow White and used this as an inspiration video. Sure there would be a lot of terrified traumatised kids but I would love to visit it. ;-)

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    I agree, it seems like a great idea, despite being dismissed by others

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    Let's replace the funnest Island in the park with the darkest. Now that's the family vacation Universal is trying to create!

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    That was the strangest video Ive ever seen.
    "Hold on to your butts"

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    I'm in favor of keeping Toon Lagoon, retheming to more modern classic cartoons (keep Popeye since he's fairly iconic but retheme Dudley to Rocky and Bullwinkle, then put a Scooby Doo trackless dark ride where the theater is... maybe find a spot for a smaller show in the big waiting area outside the theater too?

    Snow White should go in the 3rd gate if anywhere

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    Snow White and the HUNTSMAN? Meh, not a huge fan of this film, so no thanks. If this HAS to come though, I'd point my finger to the Lost Continent remnants. Like someone just said, replacing the colorful island with a very dark world certainly isn't the best path if they want to keep the family audience (though I'd say an even worse idea in that case is getting rid of Seuss for this, oh god forbid). I guess I wouldn't mind TL going for Snow White, but I'd much rather see Middle Earth brought in. TLC for this on the other hand would be much more balanced. Besides, I'd say Lost Continent is more on its last legs than Toon Lagoon (though Toon Lagoon is definitely running out of time too, which is a shame because I love some of their rides).

    I guess I'd give it a chance though. I didn't like the film, but I also didn't care for the Transformers franchise and I love the ride. But mark my words, if they replace any island that is not Lost Continent or Toon Lagoon with SWatH, I will just have to destroy something (especially if it comes anywhere near my Marvel).
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