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Thread: Our 1st "First" Anniversary - 2/29/12

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    This site really is the best. I've loved every discussion I've had on here, and every member I've seen on here has been great. The new logo is amazing, by the way.

    Ten minutes? We'll be Shark bait in ten minutes!!

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    Those adjustments sound like it will make a fantastic site even BETTER!

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    Congrats on this first official anniversary and on four years on the web!!

    I originally started visiting the site for the great updates and discussion on the Wizarding World. Today, a few years later, I'm still enjoying all that the site has to offer and the great community of users here. Being on Orlando United has made me a much bigger theme park fan, and I've learned so much about them too! Thanks BriMan, the staff, and everyone posting for making this one of my favorite sites in all of the Internet!

    Cheers to MANY more succesful years!!

    PS: Nice new look on main site!

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    Happy "1st" anniversary, Orlando United! (And happy 4 years!)

    What keeps me coming back? The fact that OU is a site that I can depend on for the latest news about theme parks in central Florida. Even though I read more than I post, rest assured I do visit OU often and enjoy reading the discussions. It's nice to be in the company of those who enjoy theme parks as much as I do.

    Thank you to BriMan and all the staff for making this a great site!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jakemeister View Post
    I think I'm one of the original remaining members...
    Me too. Original 100 rep it.

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    This is such a great site and I am glad to be a part of it. I have always been a theme park nerd but this site made me even more of a theme park nerd. I've learned a lot about the parks from all of you and this site has kept me up to date on all the great things happening in Orlando and the world of theme parks. I am looking forward to more great discussions and all the things that are happening in Orlando within the next few years. Thanks to all of you great members and to the staff. The logo and the new main page look great!

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