Yes, I know it was two months ago, but I finally got around to putting together my trip report from this trip. The crowds were insane, as you could imagine. Some of the waits were just ridiculous. What on earth would make people want to wait a half hour for Dumbo?

Day 1: Disneyland: Thursday 11/24

Star Tours: The Adventure Continues-9/10
I ended up getting the Stormtroopers, Hoth, Leia, and the Death Star. The ride is great, just as amazing as I hoped it would be. I wouldnít go as far as saying it was better than the original, but it came really close.

Space Mountain- 9/10
Just as great as I remembered. The one thing I noticed was that the supports were pretty visible at some points. I donít know if thatís always been the case, or if the same is the case at WDW, but it did take a little bit away from the ride. Other than that, though, itís great.

Astro Blasters 7/10
An enjoyable shooting ride. Not the best, or the most high tech, but still enjoyable. It stopped twice, though, but I guess it definitely helped my score .

Matterhorn 9/10
Great coaster, a lot of fun. I rode this both during the day and at night, and the dark of night made it even better.

Alice in Wonderland 6/10
An okay ride. Not the greatest, but still fun.

Itís A Small World Holiday 8/10
Normally IASW would be a 7 for me, but the holiday overlay was great. I was expecting just some garland and trees, but they went above and beyond. The decorations were everywhere, and they even through in Deck the Halls to give us a small break from the normal song.

Car Toon Spin 6/10
The story gets a little lost in the ride, and Iím still a little confused about what exactly happened after the ride started. You can spin the cars, which added a little bit of fun to the ride, but didnít really help understanding the story, as you could frequently find yourself pointed away from where the action was. The queue is amazing though, easily one of the best in Disneyland.

Snow Whiteís Scary Adventure 6.5/10
An okay dark ride. The one thing I have to say about it is that it was fairly obvious that the hag was the hag, not the queen.

Pinocchioís Daring Journey 6/10
Okay. Not great, but okay.

Mad Tea Party 6/10
Same ride as always. Enjoyable, but nothing special.

Pirates of the Caribbean 10/10
A true classic. A great, enjoyable ride. As we went on it after it had gotten dark out, my family was convinced that the loading area was actually outside, and didnít believe otherwise until I pointed out the Blue Bayou, which they knew was inside. They also thought that the first Jack was actually an actor, not an animatronic, it looked that good. The only thing that was annoying was this 8 or so year old boy in the row behind us, that talked the entire time, mainly about the ride. I must say, the drops aren't as surprising when you have someone behind you saying ďI think this is the drop, I think the drop is coming up, the drop is gonna be soon, Isnít there a drop?Ē.

Haunted Mansion Holiday 9/10
Iíve never ridden the original HM, and Iíve never seen Nightmare before Christmas, but it was pretty fun. I have to say though, the most fun things in the ride were things that are in the normal HM, such as the ballroom scene and the Hitchhiking Ghost effect, which in this version is gifts instead of ghosts.

Fantasmic 7/10
An okay show. Not great, but enjoyable. The new dragon they have at DL looks great.

Peter Panís Flight 7.5/10
A fun ride. The overhead suspension instead of a track makes it even more fun than a normal dark ride of that type, but not worth the 1 1/2+ hour waits I saw.