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peaches magee
02-16-2009, 12:56 AM
- World's leading construction toy brand secures rights to develop toy lines based on three Disney properties for 2010 -

NEW YORK, Feb. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- American International Toy Fair -- The LEGO Group and Disney Consumer Products today announced a multi-year licensing agreement that gives the world's premiere construction toy brand access to an extensive portfolio of renowned Disney and Disney Pixar properties. LEGO(R) and LEGO DUPLO(R) products are currently in development for three franchises -- Disney Pixar's Toy Story and Cars, and Prince of Persia -- all scheduled to launch in 2010.

Toy Story

Children's imaginations will go "To infinity and beyond" when, beginning in 2010, they will be able to re-create the adventures of Buzz Lightyear and Woody with LEGO toys inspired by the Toy Story franchise. Toy Story-themed construction sets will be available on both LEGO DUPLO and LEGO System platforms, building the adventure and fun for children ages 2-12. LEGO System products based on Toy Story and Toy Story 2 will launch in January 2010, to be followed in May by construction sets based on the new animated feature, Toy Story 3, scheduled to hit theaters in Disney Digital 3D June 2010. Toy Story-themed LEGO DUPLO products launch in June 2010.


Lightning McQueen will rev his engine at the starting line of a DUPLO portfolio that will have young builders creating and exploring the high-octane world of the Cars franchise. The Cars-themed LEGO DUPLO line will feature iconic scenes from Radiator Springs and the Piston Cup Championship raceway and will feature favorite Cars characters like McQueen, Mater and Sally. Cars-themed LEGO DUPLO products are scheduled to launch in June 2010.

Prince of Persia

A line of LEGO System construction toys based on Walt Disney Pictures' and Jerry Bruckheimer Films' Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Mike Newell and scheduled to release in May 2010 is also in development. The film, based on the best-selling video game franchise of the same name, stars Jake Gyllenhaal, Ben Kingsley, Alfred Molina and Gemma Arterton in an epic tale of Prince Dastan's struggle to stop an evil ruler from unleashing a sandstorm that could destroy the world. Prince of Persia-themed LEGO products are scheduled to launch in April 2010.

"We are thrilled to team up with Disney, another of the world's premium brands for families with children," said Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, CEO LEGO Group. "When two brands who share similar values bring their franchises together -- in this case a timeless play pattern with some of the industry's most beloved stories and characters -- and combine their access to families, retail strength and marketing power, amazing things can happen. We can't wait to launch the first three lines and look forward to exploring all of the ways in which we bring the wonderful world of Disney to life in LEGO form."

"Joining forces with LEGO Group speaks to the commitment and vision both companies share for quality product and innovative creativity that invigorates kids play," said Vince Klaseus, senior vice president, global toys, Disney Consumer Products. "Our collaboration will continue to extend the vitality of our roster of franchises by bringing our characters and their worlds to life in a fresh and exciting way. Through these new LEGO product lines, Disney will continue to build presence in the construction toys category and grow market share in the boys demographic."

The LEGO Group is a privately held, family-owned company, based in Billund, Denmark. It was founded in 1932 and today the group is one of the world's leading manufacturers of play materials for children. The company is committed to the development of children's creative and imaginative abilities through its products, which can be purchased in more than 130 countries.


01-03-2010, 10:55 AM
Bringing back an old thread with the new Toy Story figures.

Woody and Buzz to the Rescue
By land and air, the race is on to catch Andy’s moving van!
Woody and Buzz are racing to catch up with Andy’s moving van! Pull back on their car friend RC and release to make him zoom into action at top speed with the Toy Story heroes aboard. Not fast enough? Grab onto Buzz’s rocket and take to the air! Includes Woody, Buzz Lightyear with rocket, and buildable RC with pull-back motor.

Includes Woody, Buzz Lightyear with rocket, and buildable RC!
Pull back RC and watch him take off!
Attach Buzz to the Big One Rocket!
Includes Woody and Buzz minifigures!
Car measures 5" (13cm) long!
Ages 6+.

Woody’s Roundup!
Have a Wild West adventure with Woody and his pals!
It’s time for another Woody’s Roundup adventure! With only seconds to spare, Sheriff Woody rides his trusty horse Bullseye across the desert to rescue Jessie from a gold mine filled with dynamite…at the same time that Stinky Pete is breaking out of jail to rob the town safe! Can Woody’s boardwalk catapult trap help save the day? Includes Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete the Prospector minminifigures.

Includes Woody, Jessie, Bullseye and Stinky Pete minifigures!
Turn the wheel to eject the back wall of jail!
Use the boardwalk catapult to trap Stinky Pete!
Goldmine is loaded with dynamite, exploding rocks and secret traps!
Measures 11" (28cm) long, 8" (20cm) tall and over 4" (10cm) wide!
Ages 7+.

Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship
Rocket through space with Buzz Lightyear of Star Command!
Wherever peril threatens the galaxy, Buzz Lightyear is there in his faster-than-light Star Command spaceship! Battle the sinister schemes of Evil Emperor Zurg in outer space, or land and deploy the secret moon buggy for special planetary missions! Includes Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg minifigures.

Includes Buzz Lightyear and Evil Emperor Zurg minifigures!
Beware of Emperor Zurg's ammunition!
Spaceship back opens to deploy moon buggy!
Open the cockpit to seat Buzz at the controls!
Measures over 7" (18cm) tall!
Ages 7+.

The Evil Emperor Zurg is out to conquer the galaxy!
Now you can build Buzz Lightyear’s arch-nemesis, the Evil Emperor Zurg! With his powerful sphere-shooting cannon and rotating waist, this poseable galactic overlord is more than ready to battle Buzz and his little green alien friend the next time they meet. Includes alien minifigure!

Includes Emperor Zurg minifigure and 1 alien minifigure!
Powerful sphere-shooting cannon!
Emperor Zurg features a rotating waist!
Measures 9" (23cm) tall!
Ages 7+

To infinity…and beyond!
Blast off for interstellar adventures with a buildable, poseable Buzz Lightyear! The fearless Space Ranger is ready to battle the Evil Emperor Zurg with the help of his winged jetpack, closable visor and arm-mounted, flick-launching laser cannon…not to mention his little green alien friend! Evil galactic overlords don’t stand a chance! Includes alien minifigure.

Includes Buzz Lightyear minifigure and alien minifigure!
Flick fire Buzz's laser cannon!
Retractable helmet protects Buzz in outer space!
Move the wings on Buzz's jetpack!
Measures over 7" (18cm) tall! Wingspan measures 7" (18cm) wide!
Ages 7+.

Army Men on Patrol
Go out on patrol with the Army Men!
There’s an important mission in Andy’s bedroom – time to send in the green Army Men! Hopping along on their removable stands, these brave toy soldiers never leave a man behind. Good thing they’ve brought their Jeep, stretcher and all their equipment with them! Includes 4 minifigures.

Includes 4 Army Men minifigures, jeep and stretcher!
Soldiers' jeep equipped with spare tire!
Ages 6+!
Jeep measures over 3" (8cm) long!

01-19-2010, 10:55 PM
The Prince of Persia




Prepare yourself for this one.


01-22-2010, 06:55 PM
^ :lol: I pray that doesn't happen just for the reason that Persia had a plethora of potential and was wasted by the movie franchise, I believe. I hope we don't see things like that, Although YETI, it was funny. :rotfl:

01-24-2010, 11:11 AM
Sorry to tell you but these are real as seen in many places.